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The Straightedge Accounting A3 course

Having observed hundreds of businesses over many years, we have found the three common success factors that separate great businesses from others. Simply put, they are:

  • Alignment

  • Accountability

  • Action

Hang on, you might wonder, ‘What about accounting? I thought Straightedge is an accounting firm?’   

Straightedge Accounting is indeed a Chartered Accounting firm, but our mission is bigger than that.


Our mission is to help business owners grow their businesses and become better off. While providing excellent accounting services to our clients is of course at the heart of this, we find that when clients understand the three success factors, they are likely to be happier and wealthier, with growing businesses, which is also great for our accounting business.  

The Straightedge Accounting ‘A3’ course was developed for both current and potential clients. The course helps business owners clarify their goals and take measurable actions to achieving them.


Our aim is that by the end of the course, business owners have a renewed surge of motivation, energy and focus to reach their business goals.


The course consists of a total of 4 hours with a Straightedge Accounting advisor, spread over 3 sessions, and costs $950 + GST.


More information

To request a course outline please contact Brett Crombie, Director of Straightedge Accounting.


Phone: 021 301 022

Email: brett.crombie@straightedge.nz


Brett Crombie

021 301 022 brett.crombie@straightedge.nz

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