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Keeping focused on what matters

Setting up in business is an intense experience. The amount to think about can be overwhelming and it can be a mistake to tackle it all alone.

If you're a tradie setting up on your own, you need to start thinking about things you've never needed to before. Not only do you need to be good at your trade, suddenly things like sales, marketing, tax, finance, employing staff and compliance all become important. 

Working hard and doing good trade work is of course vital to business success. More important though, is a good business plan which sets out the actions you need to succeed. 

I can work with clients to develop an initial business plan.  I have also developed a unique business coaching method called the 'Triple A' model. This ensures your business goals are in Alignment; that goals are Actionable; and that you are held Accountable to those goals. 

For more details about how you could benefit from a business coaching programme, please get in touch.


Brett Crombie: 021 301 022


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