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Start and grow your business with Straightedge Accounting

Our Services

We specialise in providing bookkeeping, tax, and accounting services to small and medium sized trade businesses.


Bookkeeping is about recording your business transactions so that the accounting and tax can be done correctly. Some tradies

Tax Services

Paying attention to tax is a key part of trade business success and tradies who neglect it get into strife pretty fast. Straightedge Accounting is an Inland Revenue


Trade businesses need to produce a set of Financial Statements each year so they know how much tax to pay. Financial Statements show the amount 

Business Coaching

Setting up in business is an intense experience. The amount to think about can be overwhelming and it can be a mistake to tackle it all alone.

Business Systems

Good business systems are one of the secrets to business success. Your accounting system is obviously a key system and Straightedge Accounting 

ACC issues

ACC issues can be hard to figure out for tradies and complicated to deal with. Straightedge Accounting is an ACC approved agent and can 

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Helping you Grow your Trade Business

Specialist Trade Accountant

Hi, I'm Brett Crombie and I help Kiwi trade business owners get their accounting sorted.

I focus on helping self-employed tradies and owners of small to medium sized trade businesses who are keen to grow their business.

I am an experienced Chartered Accountant and qualified lawyer. I have previously worked as an IRD tax investigator. 


I focus on tax and accounting that is relevant to trade business owners and publish regular expert advice in trade industry magazines. 

If you are a growth focused trade business owner looking for an accountant who speaks your language, please get in touch. 

Phone: 021 301 022


Dunedin Chartered Accountant

Why Choose Us

Increase your profit

Free up your time

Grow your business

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Client Testimonials

See what clients have to say

After our previous accountant let us down our tax accounts got in a bit of a muddle.
Brett Crombie sorted things out for us
quickly & efficiently.
We found him to be at all times totally professional yet friendly and easy to work with.
He gave us a plan and an estimate of costs and met both - remarkably each time he said he would do something by a particular date .. he did!!

Very highly recommended! 

Reviewing Construction Plans

Latest Articles

News, views and business tips

Ready to talk further? Call Brett on 021 301 022

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