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Trade businesses need to produce a set of Financial Statements each year so they know how much tax to pay. 

Financial Statements show the amount of profit or loss your business has made, as well as a breakdown of the income and expenses. They also keep track of assets your business owns (such as equipment or vehicles) and give a good guide to the value of your business. 

Producing Financial Statements is a specialist skills accountants have and it takes a lot of experience to produce them accurately. 

If you become a Straightedge Accounting client, each year I will produce Financial Statements for your business. This usually happens in the months after March 31st, which is the end of the financial year in NZ. 

In the process of preparing your Financial Statements, we will be in touch with each other frequently. This is also a chance for you to learn quite a lot about accounting if you wish, and I'll be glad to help you!


Brett Crombie: 021 301 022